Top 5 Sexiest Clothes for Men – According to Women

Have ever wondered what the most attractive clothes for a man are?

If you have, Brace yourself!

Because today we’re gonna tell you about the clothes that has been proven to work again & again & again, according to women.

Even the leppers could get laid in those…

Enough chitchat, Let’s get started.


5- TRENCH COAT (a quality one)

Throw away your stuppid nilon jacket, and go for a real man’s coat.

This little peace of clothing adds a shade of class and mistery to your persona that intregue the ladies,

and earns you the aknowledgement of your pears.

When buying one, pick something that will last, don’t be a cheap skate. (it’ll show…. and not in a good way)

Also, if you’re short, pick a trench coat your size.

Don’t go borrowing your tall friend’s coat and wander about looking like a Hobbit.

4- A Well fitting blazer

Have you ever heard of the key that opens all doors?

that’s a what a blazer is in the menswear univers.

Whether you’re in a bar, a restaurant or a library.

A blazer will guarantee you a favorable first impression

and give you a significant edge over the stupid non-blazer-wearing men arround you.

Remember, you don’t need to be the best dressed man in the world, the best dressed man in the room is enough to get you some ( you know what i mean… you dirty motherf****r)

3- Oxford shoes

If you think your Nike shoes are impressing anyone your wrong.

Sure, they’re great for your morning run, but that’s about it.

If you’re out at night and want the ladies attention…

leave your Nikes at Home, and wear a successfull man’s shoes, Oxford shoes.

Don’t think about it, JUST DO IT (sorry, couldn’t resist.)

2- A Leather jacket

did you know that “nice guys” finish last?

If you think this is just a saying. You’re wrong,

Nothing in this world dries a v$g$$a fastest that a Yes Man.

So DROP the act, wear a leather jacket and let the bad boy in you come to the surface.

Trust me he’s in there and just waiting for you to leather up and let him out.

1- A full blow suit

Now hold it!

This is the holy grail. Especially if you’re over thirty.

A suit will get you RESPECT. the moment you wear it,

people start seeing you like you just evolved (not like a pokemon, more like a GOD).

First time i wore a suit, i was 22 and people started calling me ‘Sir’ and treating me like i was their boss.

And the women….. were just all over, Weirdest experience of my then short life.

The best way i can put it is this.

A man in a suit is the equilivalent of a women with huge tits and mini skirt…. (let that sink in for a moment..)

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